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The FitMind Podcast: Mental Fitness, Neuroscience & Psychology

Sep 1, 2020

Dr. Daniel P. Brown is an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School and Senior Meditation Master in Indo-Tibetan Bon & Buddhism, having been given secret practices directly from the Dalai Lama and teaching for nearly 50 years. The Tibetans have in fact asked him to translate several sacred texts on meditation.

Dr. Brown is also a world-renowned forensic law & western psychology expert, a peak performance coach to CEOs, a hypnotherapist of 40 years, and the author of at least 15 books on meditation and psychology, including Pointing Out the Great Way.

Topics in this episode include the neurocircuitry of performance excellence and flow states, Tibetan maps to awakening, the first brain scans on people with this level of attainment, training a mind devoid of all negative mental states, true "Inner Fire" or Tummo breathing practice, supernatural abilities of the mind, and common mistakes that westerners are making in their meditation practices.


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