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The FitMind Podcast: Mental Fitness, Neuroscience & Psychology

Jul 6, 2021

Dr. Roger Walsh has a unique background that makes him one of the world's leading experts on the mind. He graduated from Australia's Queensland University with degrees in psychology, physiology, neuroscience, and medicine and then came to the US as a Fullbright Scholar. He's now a professor of psychiatry, philosophy, and anthropology at the University of California Irvine.

Dr. Walsh has written several books and collectively, Dr. Walsh's writings and research have received over two dozen national and international awards and honors, while his teaching has received one national and six university awards. He's a close friend and confidant of The Dalai Lama, Ken Wilber, Stan Grof, and other legends in the field.

We discuss altered states, stages of adult psychological development, shamanism, the power of rituals, and much more.

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