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The FitMind Podcast: Mental Fitness, Neuroscience & Psychology

Sep 6, 2022

How does the brain work at its deepest levels? And to what extent can we radically upgrade it, creating neuroplastic changes?

Ruben Laukkonen, PhD is a cognitive neuroscientist, contemplative, speaker, and poet.

His eclectic background includes competing semi-professionally in Muay Thai Kickboxing, founding two businesses (including the first online market for bitcoin in Australia), and intensive meditation training.

Dr. Laukkonen is currently a principal investigator and lecturer at Southern Cross University and holds honorary fellowships at VU Amsterdam and The University of Queensland. He uses methods such as behavior, neuroimaging, machine learning, and phenomenology to empirically investigate some of the rarest states of human consciousness.

This episode is a full tour of the mind, including a deep dive into some of those rare states of consciousness and what they reveal about achieving the highest levels of human happiness.

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0:00 | Introduction to Ruben Laukkonen, PhD

2:02 | Early Experience 

10:45 | How the Mind Makes Itself

22:18 | Predictive Processing & Agitation

25:30 | Why There's Always Something Wrong

31:28 | Chain of Causality in the Mind

36:00 | The Mind Rebuilding After Deepest Levels of Meditation

38:25 | Meditation for Reconditioning the Mind

52:06 | Doing Nothing Very Well

53:14 | Stages of Meditation & Predictive Processing

1:08:28 | Cessation & Awakening Research

1:17:12 | Jhanas - Stages of Deconstruction

1:24:22 | Rapid Fire Questions